Post-Doctoral Research – How blockchain can transform the state and local gov

From the theoretical base of smart cities and complex systems, the study seeks to contribute to science, how process intelligence, data science and the IoT contribute to the development of communities. Independent Researcher. Smart Cities. 

Process innovation, Data Science and Robots in public administration, It’s possible?.

The blockchain technology to transform state and local governments, It’s possible?.

Desde la base teórica de los sistemas complejos, el estudio busca contribuir a la ciencia, cómo el blockchain aplicado en la inteligencia de procesos y en la ciencia de datos, contribuye al desarrollo de las comunidades. 

From analog government state to digital government state. The Digital Government evolution and transformation analog process state. The study Post-Doctoral Research ICT4D Digital State.

Ecosistema del Estudio

Fuente &  Contact: Dr. Marcelo Bieito // June 2017
Fuente: (2018)
Fuente: (2018)

Research and drafting of case studies to develop a knowledge bank which includes a collection of best practice experiences in public sector innovation in Iberoamérica. 2016-2018.
Case 1: State Procurement and Contracting Agency Uruguay, The Case of the Single Registry of State Suppliers. (RUPE). www.acce.gub.uypage1image23440

Case 2: The Plan Ceibal in Uruguay, the disruption of TICs in education, a laboratory of possibilities.

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