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diciembre 19

To be continued

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noviembre 28


Marcelo E. Bieito García, Ph.D. I’m a seasoned professional with a proven background in IT service delivery and project management-focused operations. Hello, my name is Marcelo E. Bieito García, and I currently provide services as Project Manager of Technology & Processes for Würth del Uruguay, a South American branch of..Lee mas

septiembre 28

Project Manager of Technology & Processes

I oversee complex digital transformation-focused projects encompassing ERP and BPMS for ongoing sales, inventory, transportation, and customer relationship management (CRM) efforts. I also maintain full project accountability for regional impact across multiple affiliates in Chile and Paraguay, as well as coordination for APP creation, API, and connectors for multiplatform systems..Lee mas

abril 28

Technology & Process Consultant

I offered senior consultation services for the National Office of Civil Service (ONSC) and Ministry of Economy & Finance (MEF). I also provided successful business solutions via additional consultation and market research, as well as the preparation of task specifications for incoming requests. I similarly ensured personal management and financial..Lee mas

diciembre 30

Regional Technical Director

I maintained the strategic design, planning, and execution of various academic and technical projects across Colonia, San José, Flores, Río, Negro, Soriano, and other locations within the Eastern Region. I also created and maintained program initiatives covering needed teacher training, project tutoring, brainstorming sessions, and the acceleration of relevant cultural..Lee mas

diciembre 28

CEO of Technology & Communication

I facilitated strategic planning for then-current IT projects in Uruguay and Argentina including detailed process redesign and technology modeling with BPMS tools. In turn, I maintained project management for complete system administration and e-government, website, and mobile security/interoperability. I also formulated professional alliances with IT firms towards the development of..Lee mas

diciembre 30

Senior Data Analysis Consultant

I boosted financial inclusion via transitions to mobile payments based on planning, analysis, and final reporting towards an alliance between multiple government and international organizations. I also represented—and supported relationships within—the alliance’s organizational partnerships including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), USAID, CITI, Foundation/Citigroup, VISA, Ford Foundation, and Omidyar..Lee mas

octubre 22

Senior Technology & Process Consultant

Offered hands-on consulting and auditing services for the local governments of Tacuarembó and San José’s information systems including detailed process redesigns and improvement, as well as the preparation/procurement of tender documents needed for the acquisition of ERP tools. Coordinated the standardization of key rules and processes, the incorporation of innovative..Lee mas

noviembre 15

E-Government Program Director

Defined, implemented, and managed digital transformation procedures for e-government planning in Colonia encompassing the region’s first integrated public ERP applications on a local/departmental level. Oversaw the creation of single-entry interconnection between public and private organizations, as well as the creation of the first nationwide electronic procedures, as based on the..Lee mas

mayo 1

Pioneered the digitalization of widespread public documentation

Led and coordinated a large-scale public administration project entailing the full processing and emission of electronic birth certificates in coordination with the INFAMILIA program and the National System of Information on Childhood and Adolescence (SINIA). Oversaw additional system interconnection and integration to help accelerate registration processes for newborns throughout Uruguay...Lee mas

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